Lighting Voltage Information

For all our lightings and chandeliers, we ensure that the product you receive is compatible with the voltage requirements of your country.

For instance, if you reside in the United States, your light will be compatible with 110V - 120V. Below is a comprehensive list of voltages based on different countries. The voltage indicated next to your country is the voltage that your light will be configured to.

Standard Residential Voltages by Country:

110v - 120v
United States - Canada - Brazil - Mexico - Japan voltage

220v - 240v
United kingdom - Australia - Austria - France - Netherlands - Italy - Germany - Spain - Norway - Ireland - Greece - Portugal - NewZealand - Belgium - South Africa - Egypt - Chile - Czech - Finland - Italy - Denmark - Russia - Switzerland - Singapore - Sweden

If your country is not listed above, we will send you the light based on your country accepted voltage.