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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your Queries, Our Answers

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section for quick insights into common inquiries. From order processing times to shipping details and product specifics, find the information you need to enhance your shopping experience. If you have a question, chances are, we have the answer. Dive into our FAQ to make your journey with us seamless and enjoyable.


Most Asked about Furniture

We offer a wide range of furniture, including sofa sets, sofa chairs,
armchairs, recliners, dining tables, coffee tables, and unique statues
and ornaments like Bearbrick and KAWS large statues.

Most furniture products require 10 to 15 days in production. Our
production is generally fast, excluding holidays, and can be achieved within 10 days.

Depending on their size, furniture items are dispatched either by air or by ship. Our goal is to ensure safe and timely delivery to your door.

The delivery time for large furniture, including manufacturing, can take up to 30 working days. We appreciate your patience as we craft and deliver high-quality pieces.

Currently, we offer standard sizes and designs. Customization options may be available in the future.

Our furniture is crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability and comfort. Specific materials may vary by product.

Yes, we provide tracking information once your furniture order is dispatched, allowing you to monitor its delivery progress.

At present, we do not provide assembly services. However, most furniture items are designed for easy assembly, and instructions are included.

Yes, many of our statue and ornament designs, including Bearbrick and KAWS large statues, are exclusive to our website.

Cleaning instructions vary by material. Generally, using a soft, damp cloth is suitable for maintaining the quality of your furniture. Refer to specific care instructions provided with each item.

Due to the nature of furniture production, returns are accepted. Please carefully review product details before confirming your order and incase of returning the furniture send it trackable to us and once we recieve it back we shall refund you minus 3% restocking fee.

Changes or cancellations are only possible till 1 day of the order being recieved. given the made-to-order nature of our furniture items.


Most Asked about Wallpapers

We offer designer-themed wallpapers in a variety of materials, including PVC, imitation leather, straw texture, and silk canvas. Each material has its own unique look and feel, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and preferences.

Consider factors such as durability, texture, and the desired look when selecting the material for your designer-themed wallpaper. PVC offers versatility and easy maintenance, while imitation leather provides a luxurious and sophisticated appearance. Straw texture adds a natural and textured feel, and silk canvas offers a smooth and elegant finish.

Yes, we offer custom sizing for our designer-themed wallpapers. If you have specific measurements for the wallpaper you require, simply provide us with the dimensions, and we will create a custom-sized wallpaper to fit your space perfectly.

To measure your wall for custom-sized wallpaper, use a tape measure to determine the width and height of the area you wish to cover. Make sure to measure any doors, windows, or other obstacles on the wall as well. Provide these measurements when placing your custom order.

Yes, we offer samples of our designer-themed wallpapers so you can see and feel the material and get a better sense of the design. Ordering a sample allows you to ensure that the wallpaper will meet your expectations before making a larger purchase.

Yes, our designer-themed wallpapers are designed for easy installation. They typically come with detailed instructions and can be installed using standard wallpaper adhesive or peel-and-stick backing, depending on the material. We also offer installation tips and guidance for a smooth application.

The cleaning and maintenance of designer-themed wallpapers depend on the material. PVC wallpapers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, while imitation leather and straw texture wallpapers may require gentle cleaning with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Silk canvas wallpapers are best maintained by dry dusting or gentle vacuuming with a soft brush attachment.

Yes, our designer-themed wallpapers are typically removable. The ease of removal may vary depending on the material and adhesive used. Peel-and-stick wallpapers can be easily removed without leaving residue, while other wallpapers may require a bit more care during removal.

It is recommended to avoid using wallpapers in high-moisture areas like bathrooms, as moisture can damage certain materials and adhesive. However, some PVC wallpapers may be suitable for bathrooms due to their water-resistant properties. Check the product descriptions or consult our team for specific recommendations.

Yes, we have a gallery of past custom-sized designer-themed wallpapers available for viewing. Please contact our customer support to request access to the gallery and see the range of possibilities for custom-sized wallpapers.


Most Asked about Chandelier & Pendant Lightings

We offer a wide range of light fixtures including wall lights, ceiling lights, pendant lights, kids room lights, fancy lights, and chandeliers.

To choose the right lighting fixture, consider the style and theme of your room, the size of the space, and the desired lighting effect. You can also consult our lighting experts for personalized recommendations.

Yes , unless stated otherwise on the actual product listings, our light fixtures come with the necessary bulbs included. The product descriptions will provide information about the included bulbs.

Each light fixture comes with installation instructions and the necessary hardware. For a hassle-free installation, we recommend hiring a licensed electrician. Always follow safety guidelines and turn off the power supply before installation.

Yes, many pendant lights can be installed on sloped ceilings. However, it is essential to check the product specifications or consult our team to ensure compatibility and proper installation.

Regularly dust your light fixtures with a soft cloth or a feather duster to maintain their appearance. For deeper cleaning, use a mild soap solution and a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals.

Most of our light fixtures are compatible with standard dimmer switches. However, it is advisable to check the product details or consult our team for specific compatibility information.

Yes, our light fixtures are compatible with LED bulbs. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan, making them a great choice for cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting.

Yes, we offer warranty coverage for our light fixtures. The warranty duration may vary depending on the product. Refer to the product descriptions or contact our customer support for specific warranty details.

We have a hassle-free return and exchange policy within a specified timeframe. Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges page or contact our customer support for detailed information on our return process.


Most Asked about Canvas Wall Art

We offer a diverse range of designs, including famous artworks by
Picasso, Van Gogh, Banksy, Alec Monopoly, celebrities' wall art,
abstract pieces, movie-themed art, and legendary characters.

Our wall arts are printed on premium Canvas Cloth, ensuring a high-quality and durable finish.

Customers can choose from three options:

1) Canvas Wall Art Poster only, 2) Stretched canvas on a wooden frame, and 3) Black or white border
metallic frame with canvas poster framed in the middle.

Due to the personalized nature of our made-to-order items, returns are
not accepted. However, we are happy to discuss alternative solutions for
Poster-only items.

Posters are carefully rolled and securely packaged to ensure safe delivery without any damage.

Stretched canvas comes mounted on a wooden frame, while the framed options include either a black or white metallic frame with the canvas poster beautifully framed in the middle.

In the rare event of damaged frames, please provide photo proofs and follow our instructions. We will promptly send new replacements to ensure your satisfaction.

Currently, we offer standard sizes, but we are working on providing customization options in the future.

Since each item is made on order, processing times may vary. Please
check the product details for estimated processing and shipping times.

Yes, our prints are designed to be fade-resistant, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.

Unfortunately, as items are made on order, cancellations are not possible. Please review your order carefully before confirming.